How much a solution is made of? How their pieces all fit together and what make then tick?

Four Elements

Mechanism: These are the procedures and scope of your solutions. Describe the goal of your app, how users can and cannot do using it. Mechanics that make your app the app. When you choose a set of mechanics as crucial to your user experience, you will need to choose technology that can support them, aesthetics that emphasize them clearly to users, and a story that allows your mechanics to make sense to the users.

Story: This is the sequence of events that unfolds in your app. When you have a story you want to tell through your app, you have to choose the mechanism that will both strengthen that story and let that story emerge, with the aesthetics that help reinforce that idea.

Aesthetics: This is how your app looks, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels. Are an incredibly important aspect since they have the mos direct relationship to a UX.

Technology: We don’t want the last technology but you choose for you solution enables it to do certain things and prohibits it from doing other things. The technology is essentially the medium in which the aesthetics take place.

Thin constantly about the detail internal working of logic. It is not enough to merely understand the various app elements and elemental interaction and how they interrelate with one another. Feel the experience while understanding which elements and elemental interactions are causing that experience and why. You must see skin and skeleton at once. If you focus only in skin, you can thin about how an experience feels, but not understand why it it feels that way or how to improve it. If you focus only on skeleton, you can make a app structure that is beautiful in theory, but potentially horrible in practice.

Essentially you need to develop the ability to observe your own experience while thinking about the underlying causes of that experience.

What elements make the experience enjoyable? what detract from experience? how can I change elements to improve the experience?